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Popular Keynote Speaking Topics

Unfamiliar Territory

Avoiding extinction by adapting to your new surroundings.

Stop Fighting Fires

Creating and capturing processes, stop fighting fires and avoid reinventing the wheel.

Measuring and Improving Your Services

Constructively shining the light into the corners to uncover improvement opportunites.

Moving to Work of Higher Value

Letting go of the familiar and achieving rapid transformation for you or your team.

Creating Corporate Awareness

Gaining support for your initiatives at all levels throughout the organization.

Identifying, Assessing and Controlling Risk

Safeguarding the environment while prudently ignoring risks that are not real.

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Rave Client Reviews

"On behalf of myself and out team at the city of Kingston I want to thank you for your help aligning our staff with our strategic direction.

I was impressed with your facilitation skills and your ability to provide the team with a common framework to follow, a common language to use, and relevant examples that you bring from your consulting work. That helped reinforce the benefits of the direction that we are heading."

Wayne Rice,
City of Kingston

"In addition to your expertise as a facilitator, you offered value as someone extremely knowledgeable in our own field, which not only helped to guide and focus the discussions, but challenged us about our own assumptions.

By not being as close to our operations as we are, you were also able to offer fresh ideas."

Andy Savory, Director General,
National Research Council

"Wayne has consistently provided sound business advice.

By helping us find and focus on what customers are looking for, he has forced us to look at our company and offerings from a new perspective that has brought bottom line results.

As evidence, the National Post chose us as the best service company for small business compared to IBM, Dell, Compaq and Deloitte+Touche"

Scott Weingust, President

"Wayne, the results were phenomenal! We were able to sign up many new customers right at our next event!"

Richard Bliss, V.P. of Marketing,

"Thank you for the outstanding job you did helping out our team."

Steven Hacker, President,
The International Association for Exhibition Management

"I found your ability to simplify complex topics, and identify ways to present them in a compelling way particularly valuable."

David Seguin, Executive Vice President,
Enterprise Solutions,
FastLane Technologies Inc.

"The strategy session that you organized and the follow-up document that you prepared provided me with a well-organized tool set for planning our tactics."

Scot Pepper, CEO

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Improving Service Delivery

Efficient and effective methods for designing & delivering services that guarantee satisfied customers without breaking the bank.

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Typical Client Results

Improved Agility

Situation 1

We were asked by a national industry regulator to assist them in adapting to the pace of change in order to become more agile in protecting the industry and consumer’s interests.


We reviewed the internal workings of one of their internal services divisions that they had identified as a key implementer of change.

We led a comprehensive intervention to create a new environmental infrastructure (including tools, processes, and people) to enable them to perform their work in a safer manner, while at the same time removing the artificial barriers that had grown between functional groups that relied on each other to enable service delivery to the organization.


While the client believed going into the engagement that they required separate environments in order to remove the delays that one group imposed on another, what we created was a cohesive work environment where functional groups were motivated to help each other reach success milestones quickly.

As a result, new initiatives could be launched within hours of identifying their need, rather than the weeks and months that delayed previous initiatives. In addition to agility, increased safety and decreased risk were measurable benefits, quite to the contrary of the increased risk that internal staff had predicted before we arrived.

Business Evolution

Situation 2

We were asked by a major international client to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their (tier 1 and tier 2) service support desk, resulting in fewer service outages and faster resolution times, while also reducing support costs. In the past, the company had implemented a software solution, which failed to achieve these goals.


We engaged the business units that they serve, as well as other support teams that they interface with, via focus groups, strategy sessions, and interviews in order to extract local knowledge and best practices that could be shared. 

We recommended improvements in both process and function while helping their regional offices develop best practices around both resolving and preventing incidents that impacted service delivery.


Due to the strong buy-in at all levels, operational costs were decreased by 7percent, while at the same time the number of times service levels were not met was reduced by 73%. In addition, support staff had more capacity to become involved earlier in the service design process, resulting in fewer delays in implementation and higher success rates, with fewer incidents once in operation.

Adapting to New Surroundings

Situation 3

We were asked by a major Canadian organization to become compliant with new regulations facing their industry, and help them prepare for an upcoming audit.


We involved all levels of the organization in order to determine how becoming compliant would achieve more than simply satisfying a check box on the auditor's score card. We involved the business units, customers, and internal suppliers through focus groups, interviews, and feedback systems to determine where compliance initiatives should be focused, the criticality of service components, and opportunities for improvement. We offered a customized awareness program and communications strategy as well as delivery system, along with assessment tools that were used to influence and reinforce behaviors, understand risks, and assist in making investment and resourcing decisions.


The organization successfully passed the audit, achieving both the desired level of operational maturity as well as substantial improvements in the organization's ability to assess, categorize, and mitigate risks where necessary that could impact service delivery to their customers. The maturity level targets for the following year were set, and ongoing year-to-year compliance initiatives became easier to achieve. The client avoided substantial financial penalties for non-compliance, and operational efficiency was improved, resulting in a 33% faster delivery time for new or changed services due to fewer roadblocks during the design and deployment stages.

Revolutionary Change

Situation 4

We were asked by an international organization to assist them in reducing the time they take to deliver business solutions from strategy to operation.


By following a six country deployment project through the system, and using facilitated group discussions, one on one interviews, and seeking feedback from their clients, we identified the root cause of the organization's past inefficiencies and assessed the degree to which teamwork versus specialized knowledge and skills played in their failure to achieve past project results. We offered a customized delivery framework. We looked for and found opportunities to create or improve shared processes using existing staff and line functions.


The first project to pass through the improved system achieved business results within four months rather than the typical two years that the organization took for initiatives of this sort. Staff could remain focused on their primary activities, clients estimated a one time cost savings of $350, 000.00 and received an immediate return on their investment. In addition, ongoing operational costs were 50% lower than initially projected using the old benchmarks.

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